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Martyn hipwell

Abbie Lenton

it engineer  

Managing Director

general Administrator

I remember buying my first computer for the company that i worked for previously, it was a 386 128mg Hard Drive (Costing £4444). 

I have been involved with hardware and software solutions over my many years of experience in the industry and have now been with Data One for over 10 years.

Hello everyone, I run everything here at Data One.  I have worked my entire adult life in the IT and Telecoms industry and have gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience during that time.  My goal is to be able to offer the very best service and support possible while keeping the costs down.  

Hi everyone, my job is to monitor the social media activity of the company as well as help to maintain the website and marketing activities. I help to keep the company updated with the modern world of social media and ever changing related trends.

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